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Saint Cecilia Parish

18 Belvidere Street, Boston, MA see map | Roman Catholic Church, Built in 1894

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First Church in Boston

66 Marlborough Street, (corner of Berkeley Street), Boston, MA see map | “The church was created in 1630 when settlers constructed a meeting house two years after arriving in what is now Charlestown, MA. The original structure was near what

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First Baptist Church of Boston

110 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA (at the corner of Clarendon and Commonwealth) see map | | Founded in 1665 Some of the features of the sanctuary are: Organ: A Hook and Hastings instrument, built in the mid 1800’s. Some of the

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Emmanuel Church

15 Newbury Street, Boston, MA see map | Episcopal church, founded in 1860 Emmanuel Center Emmanuel Center is an interfaith partnership between Emmanuel Church and Boston Jewish Spirit, promoting the intersection of spiritual ideals, artistic creativity, education and community service.

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Christian Science Center

Huntington Avenue, between Massachusetts Avenue and Belvidere Street, Boston, MA see map | website The Christian Science Center is the home of  the First Church of Christ, Scientist (The Mother Church) and the administrative headquarters of the Christian Science Church. Designed in the 1960s

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