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Copley Square

Trinity Church and the Hancock Tower in Copley Square

This website is a series of photo albums of landmarks in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. I’m a Bostonian who loves making websites, and I also love taking pictures, so this website is a place for me to share my many photos from all over my favorite neighborhood in Boston.

I’m a firm believer that travelers and tourists should step inside public buildings and not just admire them from the outside. Back Bay has many well-known treasures such as Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library, as well as lesser known gems such as the Church of the Covenant. As beautiful as these buildings are from the outside, there’s a world of beauty inside as well.

Please use the Interactive Photo Map or the menu above to explore my photos of beautiful Back Bay landmarks, and please click on the links on each page to learn more about these landmarks by visiting their websites. 

This project is a work in progress!

About Becky DiMattia:

I’m a painter, art-lover, web-designer, photoblogger, museum volunteer, academic administrator, and a bunch of other things. Check out my website, beckydimattia.com, (which links to all of my other websites).

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header photo: Trinity Church reflected in the exterior of the Hancock Tower, Copley Square, Boston