Commemorate a special memory. Commission a special gift!


This painting captures the genuine joy of the couple just moments after their marriage. As they headed down the aisle, their chuppah can be seen behind them in the background. This painting was created as a gift for the couple’s fifth anniversary.


sykesNew Families

This painting commemorates the first formal portrait of a special new family. This painting was commissioned as a gift for the bride’s 30th birthday, in the same year that she became a wife and a mom.


babyLittle Smiles

This painting captures the precious smile of a little girl at Easter, and it was given to her proud parents as a birthday gift.




jenandmerryBig Smiles

This painting captures the simple joy of two long-time friends living in different cities, brought together after a long time apart.



public gardens bridgeMemorable Locations

This painting was commissioned as a wedding gift for a couple who got engaged on the scenic bridge in Boston’s Public Gardens.



lymansLost Loved Ones

This painting captures a special couple in 1949, a year before their wedding. They were married for sixty years, and they passed away in the same year. This painting was commissioned by their granddaughter as a special remembrance of her beloved grandparents.

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